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At that point, I was not upset with OpticPlanets handling of the situation I was OK with it My attitude toward your company has since changed. I tend to give people second and third chances over small stuff, so I probably will use OpticsPlanet again If a client of mines say he wants X, by X date I can NOT risk using your company.

If you would like to talk further, I feel PM is best. Just so everyone understands, I will make every effort to help as much as possible.

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Mounts are selling as fast as they come in. We do have a TW Warne ramp mount in matte black 30mm in stock. Let me know right away if you want the order switched out, these pieces wont last too long. ETA on the leupold was actually last week, but we're waiting on a shipment from them. Trevor B. Original mount was the Mark 2 IMS for As I said guys, sorry for any waits you have.

I will do everything I can to get them out quicker or get you a replacemnet at a lower price as best I can, as seen above. I only make my pay if we can sell and ship products, so i will do my best. Please let me know if anyone has any questions or conerns. A month later I got my money back. Its not always about the money, style, name branding and overall design play a big part in a persons choice.

I am sorry that makes you feel bad, but when saving a buck ends up costing you money, the coupon isnt a good deal and we are trying to tell people that. No, we should as a service to people looking for that coupon. Its not thread crapping, its just FYI. I still harbor no ill will toward OpticsPlanet. As I said if the item isn't critical, I still may use you guys. You could just stfu, stop crapping in people's threads and go back to the off topic forum Just a thought. Trevor brought up my situation in this thread, neither one of us are thread crapping. Please stop your comments at me.

Everyone here is talking about OpticsPlanets coupons and whether or not they are a true value. You are the only person who is not. You need to stop derailing the conversation away from that. I have offered to discuss this via PM with him, he has chosen to make the discussion open to all You will notice that vendors with something to hide from the public delete the threads that ask the tough questions. I am not saying OpticsPlanet is a bad vendor, I am just advising caution as to their coupons and website stock function.

Yep, we're here for anything. We'll keep posting as we get more coupon codes up as well. Our marketing people are working on a few new ones. Always feel free to give a shout out for anything and check a status. I have had so-so experiences with OP. Sometimes timely delivery, sometimes not. I ordered something from Amazon that was sold by Optics Planet. They didn't want to honor the price. It's been hit and miss for me over the years.

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Yeah I just got my P scope from OP. It was supposed to come with the mount as a "free gift. Well turns out the scope is in stock but not the mounts, and they don't tell you this until they've charged your card and processed sending the scope. Kind of annoying. I guess the wait on the mount is weeks.

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We'll see. Opticsplanet has always been good to go for me. Free shipping and no CA sales tax is hard to beat. On a recent order they even sent me a proactive notice that the item I ordered had a day wait which I knew at the time of ordering and suggested alternative items that are currently in stock. I appreciated that. Ordered Troy buis from OP on December 12, Thank you for following up with your order. The order is being shipped directly from the manufacturer. We have sent your order to the manufacturer for shipment and have captured your full payment.

Occasionally there can be a slight delay in receiving the tracking number for the shipment in this situation but we will forward the information to you as soon as we have received it from the manufacturer. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do to assist you. Best regards, Patricia F. I also had trouble trying to get a response within their 24 business hours.

Supremely disappointed I'm really hoping they come through this week. OP if you're listening, please don't fail me this time again. Order Well, about a day afterward, it showed in stock. I got notification that I would get the product in about a week, or this Thursday. So just a little happy twist. I took the advice from another forum and called in my order.

I needed something by the end of the week and OP had it in stock. Talked to a guy, told me about the hour processing and we decided that Id need 2 day air to get it in by friday ordering on mon.

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Came in on friday, very happy with it and used it on Sunday. My only complaint is that I didnt get the free hat the website said came with it. But thats small compared to me getting my scope on friday to sight in on sat and use for 3gun Sunday. I get good service from their sister site Dvor also and love the daily deals they do. I don't look ahead and every day I wait in anticipation to see what cool stuff is going to be on sale. Neil, Took a look at your order and the notes in it. Also, all but two items have been shipped. When the two backordered items come in that will be shipped free as well.

You will also get a a email with tracking on that. Not yet, just correcting from a previous order. I ordered a paddle mag pouch and they promised delivery for 4 weeks, their listing still showed product and they appeared to be taking orders.

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I gave up after 5 weeks. You guys have a fantastic website with selection and outstanding prices before calgun discount. I'm really hoping you are successful in your operation with greater speed and efficiency. I will continue to shop and recommend OP unless of course it doesn't improve. DVOR is fantastic as well. Again, thank you and best of luck! They have good prices on par with everywhere else. My issue is what I order is never in stock. I got an email saying that some mounts had arrived in stock.

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I ordered them a week goes by no email of them being shipped. I call to have her tell me they are back ordered.

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This has happened 3 times with them during the Nikon promo sale. Sometimes I wonder if some of these low count complainers are just running their mouths thread crapping. Then you have one guy whining trying to give buisness to his buddies instead. Look up thread crapping and stfu.

As usual I never have an issue with either OP or Dvor which is a sister company. Wish they'd call Customer Service and stop whining evertime OP trys to help someone by giving coupons and such.