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Week 33 begins on Monday, August 12, Check the current week number and convert between dates and week numbers on. May 30, The prime minister stage is a 2x2 matrix like stage 1. We have received numerous call our registered members that we give out free games in our NEWinfoCity. Once again we are sorry for the failure of the other side of the system.

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Nunawading C vs Box Hill 31??? In week 11 there were also 20 home wins on coupon and we declared to 1, because it was a week of jackpot. We try as much as we can to declare dividends that will make stakers happy, in the pursuance of our mission of making pools a veritable platform to fortune for the serious stakers. One needs not be deceived. They are not reading. They are searching for movements, that is, co-incidental arrangements.


An example could be: Whenever column A has XX marked against two teams consecutively, column B This could be in another page or indeed in another magazine! This, as would be obvious, is the use of past events to predict the future. It is at absolute liberty to fail, and usually fails. This is an excellent advice.

But many pools players are temperamentally optimistic persons and find it difficult to keep to this rule. They, therefore, occasionally borrow money to play pools. They could also over-stake, that is, play games above the amount of money they have in hand, with the pools agent undertaking to cover the extra cost.

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This is called carrying. The understanding is that the staker would pay back the loan after winning. There are weeks when playing beyond means would yield positive dividends but the long-run result is usually negative.

Coupon number 22 Key for 2018/2019 Pool Season

Over-staking is a habit that must be fought and over-come. Most of the time the staker would be glad he did not stake that week. This includes weeks when a big temptation to stake heavily is generated through obsessive impressions like dreams. Such impressions, in the final analysis, are not benevolent revelations.


They are more like sadistic suggestions of insidious forces, nearly always nearly right. They never offer a genuine break-through but also never fail to make a show of near-success. This ensures that the cat-and-mouse game continues endlessly. The ability to resist the desire to stake heavily is, therefore, more often than not, a form of winning.

There is a saying that to worry about what one does not have is to waste what one has.

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It is possible the reader has heard the story of the little girl who confessed to being a witch. She claimed, the reader would remember, that witches are capable of accurately forecasting draws in their coven. Pools stakers are then said to have besieged her and, after a long battle, cajoled her into releasing seven bankers. Come Saturday and the games played seven over seven! The little girl, however, was seriously punished for leaking official coven secrets. Many such stories fly around in the pools world. If it is not some little witch, it is a strange white man, usually a sailor.

And a minimum of three heavy sighs would escape from the spell- bound listeners as they return to their magazines, wagging their heads in a mixture of self-pity and grim determination.

Making up the Results: The Work of the Football Pools Panel, 1963-1997

If one must seek spiritual aid, it should not be in attempting to discover the draws. Aid in this direction is not likely at all.

Going to Him in connection with draws, one would discover, is out of place. September 10, , pm by hitler September 07, , pm by wedco September 01, , pm by wedco August 26, , pm by wedco August 20, , am by wedco August 12, , pm by wedco August 06, , pm by Pool king. July 28, , am by wedco July 14, , pm by wedco July 06, , pm by wedco June 30, , pm by wedco June 22, , pm by wedco June 16, , pm by wedco