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Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work. Liability Waiver. Advisor Registry. Chapter Application.

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Why Donate? I was inducted into Alpha Sigma lambda yesterday. As of today I'm officially Alpha Sigma Lambda. Thank you for providing such a great opportunity for us Adult Learners. Renata C.

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Dave Kunes. I never dreamt that I would go from being a 1. According to their website, Stetson SigEp " is not a pledging chapter. We have a Balanced Man ideal where we believe that, upon admittance, a new member has the same responsibility and impact upon the fraternity as a full brother. Hazing charges are nothing new to SigEp chapters, though.

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In , the University of Arizona chapter was removed from campus for three years after several major hazing violations came to light — all while openly continuing to have pledges. In , SigEp closed the chapter because we could not provide a safe experience that supported the growth and development of Arizona students. When the chapter reopened in , they began operating the Balanced Man Program The Arizona story is a great example of why it is so hard to make changes when students involved in a culture that accepts bullying are still on campus. To clarify the timeline, SigEp learned of allegations of hazing at the University of Arizona in and suspended all members and chapter operations.

Arizona alumni worked with these students to understand and remove negative elements from the chapter so that operations could resume safely and free of hazing. Unfortunately, this attempt was undermined by former members of the chapter, and the house was shuttered in Today, these students have graduated and the young men on campus that have joined our new chapter are able to focus on the Balanced Man Program and all the advantages that come with it.

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Divided into groups of 10, the pledges rotated through rooms of the house behind University Medical Center and were asked to squat with their backs pressed against the walls and learn about the goals of pledging. The pledges were asked to memorize traditions and recall one another's names while being yelled at and intimidated. And when one pledge didn't behave as he should — members thought he was disrespectful — a dozen pledges were lined up and slapped one by one.

When a pledge ducked to avoid a slap, he was hit a second time and then had his shirt ripped off. Among other instances of hazing was a particularly nasty description of making new members learn a song:. The most serious violations revolved around daily song practice, during which pledges sang traditional fraternity songs while members listened.

The investigation details that members threw paper balls at pledges, shot spitballs at them and pushed them while they sang. Some members threw ice down the pledges' shirts, the investigation said.

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On Fridays, the underage pledges were forced to drink beer while they practiced the songs. The pledges were told to drink until they vomited, with garbage cans put out for them to use, the investigation details. After they finished vomiting, the pledges would have to resume singing and drinking, according to the investigation.